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Just One Thing: A quirky station wagon clutch.

I’ve seen this clutch a number of times.  When it first came out I was initially perplexed  and then (rather strangely) I found myself thinking it would be a really interesting and cool addition to my collection.  It’s the kind of item that epitomizes how I characterize the direction of the Kate Spade brand: chic and quirky and classic and fun.  I appreciate how simplified and graphic the bag is, and how it makes no excuse for its existence – falling squarely into the realm of an oversized clutch.

{ Knock on Wood Car Clutch, Kate Spade, $358 }

This is a centre-of-attention kind of bag.  I’d pair it with a simple outfit like a black turtleneck or sweater, a classic swing coat, medium or dark wash jeans.  For a some other visual interest add a metallic belt, bold earrings…even a coordinating pair of heels could be in order.  Those metallic penny loafers from a couple weeks ago could have also fit in quite nicely.

{ Heels / Belt / Earrings / Jeans / Jacket / Turtleneck }

While this is by no means a “staple” addition to a handbag wardrobe, it is something I’ll JOT down for when I need to fulfill a craving for a quirky clutch.


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Must Have Monday: Smoking Slippers.

Oh Stubbs and Wootton, why must you taunt me so?  Since the onslaught of the “smoking slipper” in recent seasons all I can think about every time I see a new incarnation of the style are the completely lovely offerings from who I would arguably dub as the originator that started it all.  They tread that line between feminine and menswear, with a seriously chic old money kind of vibe that dares you to pair casual and sophisticated in the same sentence.

{ Stubbs & Wooton Slippers: Pearl Skimmer, Fouquet Plum, Cane Red, $400 }

While I’m swooning over the fall offerings of Pearl Skimmers and Fouquet Plum, or the needlepoint classics in Cane Red, let’s be realistic for a second. I’m all for a little indulgence and extravagance…but $400 on a pair of seriously weather and outfit dependent velvet loafers…even I have my limits.

The needlepoint offerings from byPaige might end up being my solution. They still cater to that kitschy pattern concept like the S&Ws, but at a more manageable price tag of $195 (…manageable by relative comparison). I’m a particular fan of the Nautical Knots.

{ Nautical Knot Needlepoint, By Paige, $195 }

As per usual, I’ve found something that fits the bill from Cole Haan as well. Fall’s Sabrina loafers are perfectly on trend both in terms of style and shade. The jewel toned hues with contrast piping look simply divine and might give those metallic loafers a run for their money as the newest Cole Haan addition to my collection.  Granted they do challenge with my love/hate relationship with suede – a highly suitable material for these shoes, yet not particularly practical.

{ Sabrina Loafers, Ultraviolet / Dark Teal / Cobalt, Cole Haan, $198 }

On another note, the ones that are due to be the most likely candidate for my wardrobe come from Joie, in the form of their Day Dreaming Flats. Reasonably priced at $175, neutral in colour (yes, I consider red a neutral), and from a brand that I know to be of excellent quality and wear-ability? Sold…as soon as I manage to track down a pair to try on in person. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to conjure up fabulous outfits for them in my head.  Or alternatively, over on Shopping’s My Cardio, where I really had no choice but to feature them as this week’s detail on Thursday.

{ Day Dreaming Flats, Joie, $175 }

Thoughts?  Are you going to be sliding your way into some slippers anytime soon, and if so…care to share some of your favourites with the class?

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Just One Thing: Metallic Penny Loafers.

Things that are ever well documented: my love of loafers and my long-standing appreciation for Cole Haan. Neither of these are problems, as in fact they work so harmoniously on such a regular basis that I see no problem.

Which is why I must direct your attention to just one thing.  Just one particular pair of loafers that I have no doubt will soon be finding their way quietly into serious frequency in my shoe rotation.  A pair of metallic penny loafers.  The Sloane EVA Loafer in pewter and dark teal to be precise.

{Sloane Eva Loafer, Cole Haan, $178}

Holy crow.  How have these not previously been something I’ve been hunting for?  A pewter toned metallic that transcends the need to pair it with gold or silver exclusively.  A classic shape with a lower stance imparting just the right balance between function and femininity.  And not to mention a bold dark teal sole also stands perfectly at the edge of being interesting, without tipping over the edge into distracting.

I could probably wax on and on about these for an undetermined period of time, but I’ll save you from keeling over with boredom.  So just do me a favour, JOT these down and take a peek next time you’re at a purveyor of Cole Haan.

Psst…if you’re missing me here on AnonymousChic, make sure you’re checking out my weekly appearances on ShoppingsMyCardio.  My inner accessories junkie is out in full force there with All in the Details.  The last three details?  A geometric statement from Zara, a scarf that goes a little tribal from Tory Burch, and a little turquoise and crystal from Anthropologie.


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Footwear Friday: The Role of the Nude Flat.

Everyone always talks about the kinds of heels that every girl needs in her shoe wardrobe.  One nude, one black…et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  And somewhere in the discussion of building a good “shoe wardrobe” there’s a brief comment on: “Well make sure you have a good pair of flats!”  Now I’m not a heels girl, so I’ll just have to acknowledge the wisdom of those who have teetered before me on that front…but I am a bit of a flat aficionado.  So I’d like to take the opportunity to advocate for the inclusion of a pair of shoes that I’ve been preoccupied with as of late: the nude (preferably patent) flat.  We so commonly discuss how flats can be boring and thus one should buy them in a bright colour or interesting pattern, but what happened to having a nice neutral pair that goes with everything from dress pants to floral playsuits?  The goal of the nude flat is to be unassuming and noncompetitive in your outfit, while still looking polished and put together.

{Tory Burch Caroline Patent Ballet Flat ($233), Image from ShopBop}

The pair that originally sparked my interest were from Tory Burch, and inspired by Laura (of Buy Now, Blog Later…and formerly of lollipop26) and her discussion of how these nude flats were reminiscent of something by Chanel and how the elastic looked like a dainty ribbon from afar.  Already having these in navy blue, I can vouch for the fact that they do have a lovely dressy quality about them which is makes them excellent for work or if your style is a little more feminine and polished.

{Air Bacara ($165), Image from Cole Haan}

Another similar, yet more casual, option comes from Cole Haan.  The Air Bacara’s are truly excellent if you need your commute shoes to transition seemlessly into your daytime work shoes as they are incredibly comfortable and still have a bit of style.  The lacing at the back of the shoe means that they retain a little bit of casual edge, and I have to say they look particularly excellent with a great pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a bright bag.  They’re also incredibly comfortable, boasting the Nike Air technology and a split sole while makes for a flexible yet sturdy walk.

{London Sole Henrietta ($215) & Repetto BB Ballerine ($290), Images from London Sole and Gravity Pope}

The more classic option if you’re hunting for something in the world of a ballet flat would be from London Sole (or French Sole…I never can seem to work out what the difference is), or Repetto is a more readily accessible alternative along the same lines.

{Warnack Flat ($60), Image from Aldo.com}

And finally, in doing a little bit of research (ah the benefits of writing a blog, when you can call online window shopping research), I came across the reasonably priced and infinitely accessible Warnack Flats from Aldo.

Whichever your choice, the nude flat is nearly important as the nude heel – it’s neutral and innately allows the remainder of your outfit to sing without competition.  They’re also excellent from spring and summer where an abundance of patterns and coloured denim reign supreme.


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Neons & Neutrals…on the Oxfords of Cole Haan.

Neons and neutrals is nothing new.  Neons and neutrals on footwear…also not the most revolutionary concept.  But neons, neutrals, and an oxford…now that’s a trend I can support.

{Alisa Oxford, ColeHaan}

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Cole Haan footwear.  They are consistently my go-to brand for function, style, and comfort all wrapped into one nice neat little package.  But here’s the thing: most of my shoes from Cole Haan are pretty neutral, and definitely fall into the “standard issue” category.  With the small exception of a gorgeous pair of orange driving loafers that I picked up in Del Mar, CA a couple years ago, my association with the brand exists mainly in the colour range of brown to grey to black and some deep maroon in between.  This is not to say that they don’t make shoes in more daring colours, I’ve just never been particularly attracted to them before.

{Skylar Oxford, Cole Haan}

Well guys & dolls, consider the horses held and the opinions changed.  The next pair of shoes that makes its way into my already overzealous shoe collection may in fact be a pair of the neon and neutral mixed oxfords.  Two versions of this cool combination exist.  The first is the Alisa Oxford.  Boasting my favourite hue mix-match (light cove / chickadee) and pictured at the top of this post…they’re what really drew me in.  The reason why they won’t be waltzing into my wardrobe anytime soon though?  The puddle-centric weather that we’ve been having in my bit of the real world lately, and the fact that the “light cove” portion of this shoe is suede.  The second option is the Skylar Oxford.  A close runner-up for my favourite combination (primarily because I’m going through an uncharacteristic “pink” phase right now) in sequoia / rock candy, these seem to have a touch more practicality in terms of material.  They’re also ever so slightly more subtle in their statement (or as subtle as a fuchsia toe and heel cap can be) and my mind is already planning outfits right from the present moment to well into spring and summer with them.

Whether I indulge in either is currently absolutely debatable (considering the practical, smart, and sensible bit of me should really be buying said Sorels for winter), but let’s just say that they’ve been put on the list of considerations.  The Alisas retail for $178, and the Skylars $248 according to ColeHaan.com and can be purchased online (US only) or at your local Cole Haan boutique.

Pst…guys…because I know there are a few of you who read this blog as well…the guy’s equivalents of these are the Air Colton Casual Wing Tip Oxford (check out the chestnut/ashley blue), most similar in concept to the Skylars…or the Air Franklin Wing Tip Oxford (which I’m advocating in hibiscus suede), if the Alisa were more your cup of tea.

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Footwear Friday, and No.5 of The Eight.

If: you read this blog.

Then: you would know that I just put up a post about the dilemma of flats {and my apparent love for them} not that long ago.

The problem therefore is: that the next entry in “The Eight” is most worn shoes.

The answer: is easy – Tory Burch Reva Flats.

However: that makes for a terribly un-entertaining blog post.

Lists and quasi-LSAT inspired writing aside {inspiration from a few friends applying to law school…to whom I have nothing but wishes of luck, even though they won’t need it}, I’ve been sitting with a bit of a dilemma as to what to write about for this particular post for quite some time.  “The Eight” is one of the few series on this blog that I’ve actually managed to partially maintain since the beginning, but now the content is on the verge of overlapping.  If you’d like to read what I wrote about regarding flats, and my genuine love for the Revas…click here…

Otherwise, I shall momentarily indulge myself in my quest for the perfect heels.  A quest which I have completed successfully…twice.

My original suggestion would and to some extent will always be the Cole Haan Nike Air heels {style is irrelevant}.  I promise you, the hype is not fake, these are incredibly comfortable heels.  I’ve spent many a night dancing, and many an afternoon running around downtown in these heels and I have yet to have serious issues with them.  The particular versions I have  possess a small band of deep metallic silver right at the top of the base of the heel {where the footbed meets the actual heel post}, which meant that they managed to step just beyond the boundaries of boring basic heels.  The range of “Air” heels that are available is endless, ranging from laced heeled oxfords, to great platform pumps, to the classic black patents.  Considering their consistent availability {both at retail and outlet locations might I add}, I thought my quest was complete…tragically, or perhaps not so tragically mistaken.

Cole Haan Pumps

My second recommendation are the Kate Spade Karolina Pumps {which were in fact profiled on the opening “Shoe” page on KateSpade.com}.  I digress, I’ve written of these before, but I feel as though they require a re-mention {if for no other reason than that they are available in a variety of standard neutral colours including a gorgeous nude…just start hunting the web}.  The pair I have are a faux snakeskin finish, and teeter somewhere between rose-gold and silver.  They are the metallic that goes with everything, and are the shoes that I can wear for an unbelievable amount of time considering their height.  I recommend these not for the newly introduced heel-wearer, but for someone who’s already gained a sufficient amount of balance walking on heels.  Indulge, enjoy, and perhaps purchase in a few fun colours as even without the cushy padding, they manage to be undeniably comfortable.  I’d also like to point out that they’re available as a part of the “Twirl” collection as well…red heel and perfectly muted gold sequins abound.

Kate Spade Karolina Pumps

So alas, this post of “The Eight” is not in fact my most worn shoes, but definitely a quiet understated ode to my most worn pumps…which I swear is a feat in and of itself.

{Side Note} I promise you I have zero arch, and questionable balance.  I can walk in heels.  It took practice.  Unfortunately not all of us were born with the perfect high-heel walk…do not be embarrassed of traipsing around your house in your high-heels prior to actually wearing them.

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