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Colour Code: The firey red of changing leaves.

One of my favourite haunts, Matchbook Mag (…I’ve raved about them before!) does a series on their blog The Daily Spark called “Colour Palette”.  It’s this great series where the pick a pattern or colour or pair of colours and share their favourite finds using that as a theme.  Thusly, I’ve drawn inspiration from that, and as a result of a number of my friends and colleagues concluding the following: “My goodness child, you’re certainly not afraid of wearing colour are you.” (…yes…they all just became southern grandmothers).  And without further ado, I present to you the first instalment of “Colour Code” – an expression of my love for colour, penchant for organization, and of course with a dash of my fashion sense and style thrown into the mix.


I’m a fan of the deep wine and oxblood tones that are currently dominating fall trends, but I’d like to take a minute and advocate for a brief alternative: that firey, leaf-changing, orange-red tone.  It all started (as many a fashion obsession in my world does) with a pair of shoes.  While these originally caught my eye because of the shape and details (smoking loafers, tassels, pairing brights & neutrals…originally inspired by Emily on Cupcakes & Cashmere), it wasn’t until after a serendipitous impromptu shopping trip to J.Crew with two of my delightful partners in crime (Miss B & Miss G) that suddenly became smitten with the colour as well!

{Toni Tassel Loafers, J.Crew, $187}

Since that serendipitous trip, I’ve been seeing that colour nearly everywhere (as further evidenced by a quick trip to Holts with my friend W) and I can’t resist sharing a few of my favourites.  Styling wise I’d be inclined to make sure to ground this colour with a solid dose of neutrals (black, taupe, navy, tan,  grey, etc.) and let it shine as the sole accent colour in an outfit.  On the other hand, this colour plays particularly well with teal and royal blue, as exhibited below.  The tweed from Tory Burch even shows that with careful consideration, it plays well with the plum-toned oxbloods.  This is a deeper tone than its predecessors from the spring and summer, and as mentioned I’d describe it as reminiscent of the tones of leaves changing, the warm tones of fires, crisp apples, and as a component part of plaids.  The colour should look rich, an ever so slightly sultry smile as opposed to an all out sunshine induced cheerful grin.

Skirt / Pants / Jacket / Scarf / Belt / Earrings / Shirt / Handbag / Bracelet / Necklace / Heels / Clutch }

Now while I did warn that an abundance of this colour could be a little much, I’d thrown that suggestion out the window if you’re Ginnifer Goodwin at the 2012 Emmy’s…in which case I’d list her amongst the best dressed of the night.  If you’re confident in the colour, you might as well let it take centre stage.

{Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier at the 2012 Emmy’s, Image from PurseBlog.com}

Are you planning on mixing this bit of the colour wheel into your wardrobe?  Be sure to share your ideas or favourite pieces with the class in the comments.


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Interwebs Wednesday: Matchbook Mag.

Occasionally I find a place on the interwebs that suddenly seems to speak to my style so innately that it floors me that it exists.  It also baffles me that once I find it, why on earth I hadn’t found it earlier.  This proposed love affair (who’s blog arm has actually taken over as my homepage) is with Matchbook Magazine…and all of its various components.

Matchbook Magazine started celebrating classics – shaken and stirred – in January of 2011, and contains two primary components:  a monthly online magazine publication Matchbook Mag, and a blog called The Daily Spark.  They describe themselves as the field guide to a charmed life “from lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, and Paris to Peru…”, and I have to agree that following this kind of field guide leads to something infinitely more charming than the images of camouflage green and safari helmets that you’ve inevitably conjured up.

{...the matchbook girl...}

Put simply:  the monthly online magazine is great.  While I’m constantly flipping the traditional glossies, there have been very few online tomes that have really captured my attention.  Matchbook is clearly an exception.  It’s reminiscent of the tragically cancelled Domino and the Kate Spade style books, but don’t even get it twisted for a second that this is merely a regeneration of that.  Matchbook Magazine is the best mix of quirky and pretty, funny and cool, fascinatingly forward yet balanced with classic preppy cool.  It’s a lifestyle magazine…which means that you get everything from cooking to fashion, books to music, and a great balance of interviews and human interest pieces on fabulous little boutiques and those interesting people who’s heads you wish you could just get into.

{...the daily spark...}

While I do go through the magazine monthly from start to finish, what has really caught my attention (and has since become my homepage) is “the Daily Spark”.  The blog is a great mix of high-end and accessible brands, and serves as brilliant daily inspiration.  The amount of mint green, bright pink, and pale yellow in my wardrobe (and my world for that matter) is slowly increasing as a result.

With every sincere honesty, what caught me hook line and sinker though, was the adorable ode “A Matchbook Girl is…”.  If you take a read through this and catch anything that sounds like you, believe me, you’ll want to be come a loyal reader.  Some of my favourite phrases include…

What I find consistently surprising is that there are so many of my friends that aren’t reading Matchbook already.  Whenever someone catches me browsing through this, they’re always intrigued and it’s ended up in many an email as of late.

Right now if I could name a one stop shop for every girl who’s equal parts sugar, spice, and all things nice…with perhaps a dash of cayenne pepper for sass…I’d send her off to Matchbook.

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