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Pretty Things Thursday: Leah Alexandra Jewellery.

Sometimes there’s just the perfect clash of inspiration: I was pulling pieces for last week’s post on Shopping’s My Cardio, browsing through Magpie Jewellery online for inspiration, and of course multitasking setting up the Anonymouschic Facebook Page.  The result?  Well Magpie Jewllery was having a Leah Alexandra Trunk show, and I found two perfect pieces for the column…but also discovered an utter plethora of pretty things.

{…a sneak peak of the All in the Details post…}

See how easily the pieces work into an outfit?  Positively serendipitous!  Naturally you can see why I was under the impression that the line deserved its own Pretty Things Thursday post.

Inspired by the sandy shores of Cape Cod, this Ryerson-educated designer based out of Vancouver is creating pieces that fit seamlessly into any collection.  In fact the website describes the jewelry as timeless, fresh, and versatile…and I couldn’t agree more.  It’s fairly feminine, but it’s not so dainty that it disappears amongst the other components of an outfit – particularly in the case of those lovely mixed-media tie-back necklaces.

What I also sincerely appreciate is how everything works together building a defined voice and collection.  When browsing through the Leah Alexandra website, I found myself draw towards royal purples and luscious lavenders. Because no single piece is abundantly overbearing, feel free to layer up earrings and a necklace.  Personally I think that the dual-drop earrings wishbone bracelet would make an excellent pairing, but I’m really daydreaming about the grey and cream ribbon necklace paired with a crisp white blouse and black pencil skirt.

{ Celebration Necklace, $210 / Wishbone Bracelet, $128 / Baja Necklace, $98 / Eve Necklace, $84 / Peacock Earrings, $165 / Athena Necklace, $275 }

When browsing the brand on Magpie, I found myself drawn towards pieces that would be veritably versatile – metallic greys, blacks, neutral thin bangles lined with dusky stones.  I’d be inclined to stack all of my picks together, or alternatively focus on the earrings working with my favourite staples like a denim jacket and skinny black pants.

{ Pyrite Social Bracelet, $74 / Erin Bracelet, $74 / Blaire Bracelet, $126 / Eliza Earrings, $118 / Black Garnet Social Bracelet, $74 }

Whatever the source, I’m predicting a seamless transition of Leah Alexandra pieces into any jewelry box.  With prices that speak for quality, but aren’t excessive, I think I’ll be figuring out to how to narrow down my list and see what part of my pre-Christmas pay cheques will be going towards a few new collection additions.  How about it?  Be sure to share what’s catching your eye with the class in the comments.


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Pretty Things Thursday: Alexis Bittar & Magpie Jewellery.

So I decided to get out of the city last weekend, and take a trip to Ottawa to visit a dear friend of mine (the stylish W, who picked up these beautiful Bittars at the Magpie Trunk Show).  There’s a saying in her family (as coined by her sister) that the first piece of jewellery that one gets by the designer Alexis Bittar is referred to as “being Bittarded”.  Well guys and dolls…I suppose that now we can safely say that I’ve been Bittarded, and have found a new jewellery addiction: the Lucite Collection from Alexis Bittar.  This signature collection from Alexis Bittar is hand carved and painted, and described as combining Bittar’s interest in texture, colour, and light.

{…a few of my current covets from Alexis Bittar…}

O’Keeffe Matte Gold Cuff, $138 / Clustered Vine Pendant, $195 / Gunmetal Sophia Hinge, $295 / Golden Splatter Encased Hinge, $173 / Gold Sophia Hinge, $295 / Gold Wafer Earrings, $150 }

While browsing around in the Glebe we popped into Magpie Jewellery…and my oh my am I ever glad we did, as it’s the source of my new Bittars!  The store itself is lovely, with a great mix of items ranging from basic sterling silver that I would have coveted in middle and high school, right through to stunning rings and other such divine discoveries that may stay right on the fringes of the possibilities of my paycheque for a few years.  I can see this store being the source of a number of Pretty Things posts in the future.

{…a few Magpie favourites…}

TeNo Orbit, $250 / Hilary Druxman Sterling & Pearl, $100 / Silver Seasons Geranium, $73 / Alexis Bittar Liquid Gold, $150 }

But back to Bittar.  The Lucite collection is really interesting – very eyecatching in a subtle smokey double take kind of way, mixed with bold statement additions courtesy of gems and hardware.  I’m particularly smitten with the bracelets and bangles.  While perfectly lovely on their own, they also lend themselves well to stacking, taking on different colours and tones depending on the others that you pair them with, and the outfit that they compliment.  And with so many hinged varieties, one really can’t go wrong.  I’m also sufficiently enamoured with the earrings and necklaces which I would generally put in the categories of chic and elegant.  What I also appreciate about the majority of the collection is that it’s not prohibitively expensive.

The two pieces that caught my eye were this lovely little necklace that has an almost leaf-like motion to it, and a hinged bangle with hammered gold hardware – both in a versatile dusky grey.  I’m already dreaming up a whole slough of outfits to pair them with, and think they’ll be particularly excellent layered up with my Elsa Peretti Pearls by the Yard.

{…my beautiful Bittars…}

Now I know that Alexis Bittar is nothing new (his designs have been donned since the early 1990s, and he paired with Patricia Field for custom Sex & the City pieces)…but considering the infrequency with which I see his lovely works in the jewellery collections of many of my friends, probably worth a mention as I know of more than a few who would become fast fans.

If you happen to be in Ottawa, I must recommend that you go and check out Magpie – particularly the location in the Glebe where you should go and say hi to Kristin, the lovely associate who helped me with my first Bittars.  Magpie is also online, which makes browsing from afar a possibility.  If you’re not quite in that neck of the woods, you can find Bittar stockists on the Alexis Bittar websiteNordstrom, Neiman’s and Holts are a few more mainstream alternatives that I’m aware of.

PS:  The White and Gold Wafer earrings?  You can check out next week’s All in the Details on Shopping’s My Cardio to see how I’d style them!


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