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Footwear Friday: Aaden Mid Heel from Tory Burch.

Dear class, we’ve been through this before…I’m not a heels girl.  Despite a number of years in ballet class, all I ever got out of them was poise, grace, and turned out hips.  Which essentially means that I’m a gracefully clumsy duck.  Making me walk on an incline (as the wearing of heels does)?  More often than not it’s a sufficiently awful idea.  That being said, in the instance that I am capable of walking in heels…that’s the test to say that essentially everyone can wear them.

{Aaden Mid Heel, Tory Burch, $275}

My most recent find also ranks as one of my most comfortable: the Aaden Mid Heel from Tory Burch. These were the solution to a brief hunt for a pair of neutral (note: not nude) pumps that would suffice for both work and play, that were a reasonable height and above all else: sturdy.  Stillettos, regardless of how un-effing-real they make one’s legs look are not for the sprained ankle prone.

The particular pair of Aaden’s that I found were courtesy of an impulse trip to Holts following an annual birthday brunch with a dear friend of mine.  A dear friend who’s Tory Burch heels I’ve absconded with on a regular basis might I add.

Here’s the thing about these heels.  When in the “Sand” colour, they’re a great caramel-toned brown that really re-defines neutral.  In this colour as well, the lightness keeps the shoe from otherwise being a little heavy looking – meaning that you can style them with everything from pants to breezy floral skirts.  The gold accenting is subtle, and though the logo is done completely in gold, because it blends so nicely with the leather it doesn’t come across as flashy as the TB logo often can.  Additionally, I quite enjoy the leather strap-esque detail that holds it in place on the front.  A very sturdy and solid stacked wood heel means that walking on these is a breeze, and at 2.5″ it’s enough of a lift to give your legs a little length without making you teeter above the masses.

{A brief outfit example: Ralph Lauren Chambray Shirt, Floral Tommy Hilfiger Skirt, American Flag Free People Scarf, and a Navy Coach Clutch}

Tried and tested?  You bet.  I’ve worn these both out to dinner and a show, as well as for a full day of work (minus the commute to and fro…which one should never truly be expected to do in heels), and have never felt unsteady or as though my feet were aching for flats.

Available at Holt Renfrew in Canada (and now at Tory Burch if you’re in Toronto!), online through Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and for those of you south of the 49th at ToryBurch.com as well.  These retail for about $300…but considering they’re good with everything from black to brown and denim (and a few patterned in between for good measure), they’re worth looking into investing in.


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