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Top Five Friday: Kiehl’s Products.

I am a self-proclaimed Kiehls addict.  If you’ve ever been privy to my vanity counter then this is something you would know {aside from the fact that I’m a product junkie}.  As such, I’ve tried a sincerely significant number of products from the line…some good…some not-so-good…most fantastic.  Everything from Tinted Moisturizer to Eye Cream, with a few Tinted Lip Balms and Overnight Repairing Face treatments in between…I’m starting to get to the point where I’ve tried it all, within reason.  While I would love to be able to sit here and recommend a whole slough of Kiehl’s for the lot of you to go out and try, that’s just not feasible.  So instead, you’re getting a Top Five Friday…Kiehl’s style.

A few honourable mentions before we start: Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment, Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer, Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 Hue 58B, Over-Night Biological Peel, Superbly Smooth Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.

{Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, photo from Kiehls.com}

#5 Ultimate Strength Hand Salve : Ah yes, the product that started it all.  The quest for a non-greasy, quick absorbing, non-perfumed hand cream that actually did the trick to quench my father’s psoriasis on his hands.  A stop at the Kiehl’s counter at my local Holts for a tube of their original Lip Balm {which had been listed as a favourite product in a magazine}, and a snap decision to give this a try…sold, to the quickly developing addict with the HR bag.  The formulation is deep and rich without leaving a slick of product on your hand after the fact and boasts Avocado, Eucalyptus, Sesame Seed, and Olive Oil wax.  The scent is of hand cream with a hint of Eucalyptus which dissipates nearly instantly, but without being overwhelming at application either.  I’ve tried a number of products since…yet none quite measure up to this small white 75mL tube with the blue writing that has become a constant fixture in my handbag ever since.

{Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo, photo from Kiehls.com}

#4 Rice & Wheat Shampoo and Formula 133 Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid : Everyone can find their own perfect shampoo and conditioner combination at Kiehl’s, but this is mine.  The chance result of a few mismatched deluxe samples landed me with a light volumising shampoo, and a lovely rich conditioner and grooming aide.  The Rice & Wheat Shampoo is described as the solution to “flat, thin, and lifeless hair”, and contains lightweight proteins and poly-sugars to accomplish combatting this.  Now while I have thick textured hair {and quite a fair amount of it}, I find that this provides a fantastically clean feeling to my hair without adding anything to weigh down the natural texture at the roots.  Formula 133?  My standard issue conditioner that provides a sufficient amount of moisture to my hair without weighing it down, and can often double as a grooming aide post shower when I’m out of the product listed at #1 on this list.  “Detangles and moisturizes, leaving hair soft and manageable, but not greasy.”…yes please!  I would like to point out that on alternating months I like to try out new hair cleansing products and conditioners…but I always feel as though I’m depriving my hair of its true essence…Rice & Wheat with a Formula 133 chaser.

{Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub, shown in Coriander, photo from Kiehls.com}

#3 Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub in Lavender : My skin everywhere but on my face is generally fairly dry.  As such, I’m a bit of a sucker for a good body scrub.  Re-phrase: I’m a bit of a sucker for the Kiehl’s body scrubs.  While I’ve been through the odd bottle of the Grapefruit variety in the summer months, I will always return to the Lavender.  I light spicy lavender scent that lingers through the shower, but dissipates on the skin post shower, I enjoy the relaxation yet invigorating nature of the scent.  Something about the contrast between soothing lavender and an awakening scrub seems bizarrely natural in this product…and soothing invigoration is an oxymoron I’m more than willing to get used to.

{Ultra Facial Cream, photo from Kiehls.com}

#2 Ultra Facial Cream : My face is a completely different exceptionally well behaved creature when I use this on a consistent basis.  An application of this on freshly cleansed skin before bed radically changes my combination hyper-dry and yet oily skin into a relatively even canvas that is evenly moisturized manageable.  Excess oil production due to otherwise dry conditions…gone.  Dry patches that feel so moisture deprived that they rival the Sahara in summer…gone.  I legitimately notice a difference when I switch products, or neglect to use this for an extended period of time.  I therefore avoid doing the aforementioned.

{Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream, photo from Kiehls.com}

#1 Heat Protective Silk Straightening Creme : I am currently on what could possibly be pushing my twelfth tube of this.  I started using it my junior year of high school and just never looked back.  This lightweight cream formula is derived from Soy Beans, Sesame Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds and is listed as being “Formulated especially for wavy, frizzy, or curly hair in need of smoothing”.  Those words…wavy, frizzy, curly…those are my hair words.  I apply this to my hair after each washing whether I’m styling my hair naturally, curly, straight, somewhere in between…whatever the case may be.

So those are my Top 5 for this Friday.  Hopefully you find some new favourites of your own…or perhaps I’ve made a convert out of some of you in the process.  For all of you Kiehl’s addicts out there, what are you favourites?

All products are available from Kiehls.com, Kiehl’s boutiques, and of course for those Canadian folks…Holts.  Links to the various products can be found by clicking on their associated pictures throughout this post.


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Footwear Friday, and No.5 of The Eight.

If: you read this blog.

Then: you would know that I just put up a post about the dilemma of flats {and my apparent love for them} not that long ago.

The problem therefore is: that the next entry in “The Eight” is most worn shoes.

The answer: is easy – Tory Burch Reva Flats.

However: that makes for a terribly un-entertaining blog post.

Lists and quasi-LSAT inspired writing aside {inspiration from a few friends applying to law school…to whom I have nothing but wishes of luck, even though they won’t need it}, I’ve been sitting with a bit of a dilemma as to what to write about for this particular post for quite some time.  “The Eight” is one of the few series on this blog that I’ve actually managed to partially maintain since the beginning, but now the content is on the verge of overlapping.  If you’d like to read what I wrote about regarding flats, and my genuine love for the Revas…click here…

Otherwise, I shall momentarily indulge myself in my quest for the perfect heels.  A quest which I have completed successfully…twice.

My original suggestion would and to some extent will always be the Cole Haan Nike Air heels {style is irrelevant}.  I promise you, the hype is not fake, these are incredibly comfortable heels.  I’ve spent many a night dancing, and many an afternoon running around downtown in these heels and I have yet to have serious issues with them.  The particular versions I have  possess a small band of deep metallic silver right at the top of the base of the heel {where the footbed meets the actual heel post}, which meant that they managed to step just beyond the boundaries of boring basic heels.  The range of “Air” heels that are available is endless, ranging from laced heeled oxfords, to great platform pumps, to the classic black patents.  Considering their consistent availability {both at retail and outlet locations might I add}, I thought my quest was complete…tragically, or perhaps not so tragically mistaken.

Cole Haan Pumps

My second recommendation are the Kate Spade Karolina Pumps {which were in fact profiled on the opening “Shoe” page on KateSpade.com}.  I digress, I’ve written of these before, but I feel as though they require a re-mention {if for no other reason than that they are available in a variety of standard neutral colours including a gorgeous nude…just start hunting the web}.  The pair I have are a faux snakeskin finish, and teeter somewhere between rose-gold and silver.  They are the metallic that goes with everything, and are the shoes that I can wear for an unbelievable amount of time considering their height.  I recommend these not for the newly introduced heel-wearer, but for someone who’s already gained a sufficient amount of balance walking on heels.  Indulge, enjoy, and perhaps purchase in a few fun colours as even without the cushy padding, they manage to be undeniably comfortable.  I’d also like to point out that they’re available as a part of the “Twirl” collection as well…red heel and perfectly muted gold sequins abound.

Kate Spade Karolina Pumps

So alas, this post of “The Eight” is not in fact my most worn shoes, but definitely a quiet understated ode to my most worn pumps…which I swear is a feat in and of itself.

{Side Note} I promise you I have zero arch, and questionable balance.  I can walk in heels.  It took practice.  Unfortunately not all of us were born with the perfect high-heel walk…do not be embarrassed of traipsing around your house in your high-heels prior to actually wearing them.

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The solution to the handbag dilemma.

The decision was made about two weeks ago now, but the delay in the post is on account of the fact that I wanted to be absolutely 100% sure that I was as thrilled with my decision now as I was when I first made it.  Therefore, with out further ado…{cue the drumroll please}…the winner is…

Neither of the two bags that I had originally intended on purchasing.

Before I divulge what the real winner is, let me explain why I am not the current owner of either the Chloe Marcie bag, or the Mulberry Alexa.

Mulberry Alexa - Net-a-Porter

The Mulberry explanation is shorter, so I’ll start with that.  A dear friend, a dear horrendously fashion knowledgable (and rather stylish) friend of mine, quite kindly pointed out (and I quote):  “…for some reason, it feels like a poor man’s PS1 and I think that probably has to do with the fact it’s similar in style and came after the PS1 but either way, something about the leather has always looked ‘off’ to me…” Valid point, and touché.  The biggest problem with that comment is that it got me thinking, and now I’m being stalked by the Proenza Schuler PS1 – across various blogs I read, and in person.  Tragic, but at least now I know what my next bag purchase investment will be.  NO negotiations available, decision made.  Well unless I manage to save up enough to purcahse an Hermes Kelly  bag…but more on that later.

Chloe Marcie - Net-a-Porter

Now, a quick commentary on the Chloe…or perhaps an ode to disappointment considering how much I previously adored this bag.  I went to Nordstrom, I saw, and the love affair died.  There was something that was just an irreconcilable turn off about the bag (or at least the incarnation of it that I saw).  It had a lack of any conceivable shape, the colour was just not enough of anything (it was tragically not in the deep saddle brown that I had swooned over), and it merely just lacked the spark and glow that I had always envisioned it would have.  Maybe I talked it up too much in my head, maybe it truly wasn’t the bag for me.  Nonetheless, it just looked like a trendy bag.  Oh, and I have to interject a with a comment about the faux layered detailing.  I’d read (somewhere that I can’t manage to track down right now) that it was just stitching that made it look like it was detailed leather braiding and layering, but for some reason in photographs that still didn’t bother me, I just thought it was a neat trick.  In person?  Deal-breaker.  It doesn’t deliver on being the cool layered braided look, but looks like an odd stitching pattern.  Fantastic concept.  Lacking in execution.  This was a tragic end to a love affair, and perhaps if I see it years from now in the right colour, worn in to perfection then the spark will be re-ignighted.  But for now, I bid it adieu.

And now, I kid you not, the proper announcement of the winner…

YSL Large Muse, Dark Green

YSL Large Muse, Dark Green - Saks Fifth Avenue

If you look in my original Polyvore collage, then you’ll see that this bag did in fact make it into the original set of bags I loved.  When I went down to California, I didn’t really plan on buying anything other than the Chloe, but when I saw this bag sitting in on the Saks display shelf I just about died.  I was looking at a Tod’s Shade bag on a table near it, un-stuffing the bag to get an idea of the available space, when the gorgeous dark racing green caught my eye, it jumped off the shelf and merely said…I’m yours. Keep in mind that this is the Large Muse, and not the Oversized Muse.  I did my due diligence, walked around Union Square and looked at other clothes, shoes, and handbags while I left dear Yves on hold…but I had already fallen hard.  I even saw the Oversized in the dark green in Nordstrom, but I still opted for the Large.  Here’s my rationale as to why:  I’m going to be carrying this bag over my shoulder on occasion, but considering the strap length (and its proportion to my shoulders) I will most likely be carrying it in my hand or the crook of my arm; therefore, I need it to be proportional to what I’m utilizing it for and how I’m wearing it.  I’d also like to point something else out:  by having it just that bit smaller, it nicely fits my essentials but will not carry anything superfluous that I might try to jam and cram into its interiors (eg. my Mac, excess books/folders/magazines, etc.).  The colour is also divine.  I wear a lot of colour, but also a lot of blues and greens.  What this colour does is place itself directly in the middle of all of my outfits without clashing, but simply adding that little bit of coloured kick.  The leather is also that nice blend of something in between really rock solid and sturdy (think the classic Kate Spade bags), and deliciously soft (think the Tod’s D-Bag Bauletto).  My one comment on that though, is that it strikes me as the kind of leather that might scuff or scratch easily – giving the bag character which I’m not adverse to, but still not something I’m crazy about.  Final comment is on the style.  The price tag on this bag is not cheap – go look it up on Saks for yourself, I feel a little ashamed (covertly) for having spent that much…but that shame dissipates quickly.  Due to said price, I wanted to make sure that I was going to get sufficient wear out of it as both a day and an evening bag.  Colour definitely accomplishes that, but also the classic style and brushed gold hardware ensure that it doesn’t have an over the top day look and looks great with evening attire (think nice meal…not black tie gala), or too much of a sophistication and elegance (which it still has in spades) that it’s too dressy for daytime.

Overall I’m quite pleased, well more like positively delighted and thrilled.  And this whole process helps me prove a point to myself:  that you really do have to put time, effort, and a little thought into these investments in order to truly be satisfied with the results.


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Deciding on the bag: Chloe vs. Mulberry.

I have a predicament.  I’m going to purchase another “investment bag”.  This is what I lovingly refer to my Tod’s D Bag as.  Yes, I realize that designer bags are pricey, but for a girl who has traditionally indulged in Kate Spade, Cole Haan, and the higher ends of Coach (think the single edition first and only run bags…), spending four figures on a bag sometimes feels a little indulgent.  Realistically, it is indulgent.

So I’m making the plunge, changing my habits, waiting periods of time in between bag purchases and getting statement “investment” or signature bags that I really and truly love.  I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a good strategy, primarily because when I was packing to come home I had to narrow down my “immediate access” handbag selection to 3…and decided that really I only needed one bag (the Tod’s bag…considering how gorgeous it is and how it goes with everything).

Anyhow, it’s decision time.  I’m heading down to San Francisco in about 2 weeks and have narrowed down my targets to two.  Assistance would be helpful…so if you have any commentary on which I should pick, make sure you let me know!

Handbag Dilemma

Choice A – Mulberry Alexa Bag {location, centre right}

I’ll start with the glitch on the acquisition of this bag – currently I can only find it on Net-a-Porter.  This is a perfectly fine predicament, but mildly frustrating as I wanted to be able to get the bag while I was down in California.  Other than that, I see no flaws.  It’s a shape that is quite different from any other bag in my collection, and would also be the first Mulberry bag that I would every acquire.  I think I’d go with the bag in black, as it’s a great classic, and somehow my bag wardrobe is really lacking in classic black bags.  Well that last statement is a bit of a half truth, I have two fantastic black Kate Spade bags…but neither of them are like this.  There’s a bit of a funky edgy tone in this bag that’s just enough for me to pull off with my otherwise preppy style.  Subconsciously, I think I want this bag in large part because it is by Mulberry.  My first missed love was a Mulberry Bayswater (99% sure it was a Bayswater…) bag when I was 16 and was in the Mulberry boutique in Harrods…it was a deep eggplant purple, it was divine.  I vividly remember grabbing my dad’s arm and just dying right there in the store.  My dad will say that he lost circulation in his arm at that moment, and still gets tingles in his fingertips from it because he’s fairly sure I damaged nerve endings.

Choice B – Chloe Marcie Bag {location, centre left}

Again, pretty dramatically different from any bag I own.  And again, this would be the first bit of Chloe in my collection.  I first fell in love with this bag courtesy of PurseBlog (quite possibly my favourite blog on purses that I’ve ever come across, total classic…http://www.purseblog.com/), and keep going back to the site to check it out.  It’s a different shape, top handle, interesting detailing, great variety of very understated girly neutrals.  It’s quite a feminine bag, which I certainly love.  The downside to this is that I’m not sure that I’m in love with carrying options.  The slight practicality problem with carrying it in the crook of my arm provides a mild turnoff, and I wonder its limited functionality (therefore) would decrease my opportunities to wear it.  I suppose the happy medium would be to chose the Marcie concept in one of the other design styles, but there’s something about the original that I absolutely love more than anything else…granted the Marcie Hobo Cross-Body is quite appealing…

Ideas, comments…I want to hear them.  I’ve also listed a few other considerations below, and they are of course in the Polyvore collage.

Honourable Considerations: {from top left to bottom right}

  • Chloe Marcie Cross-Body Hobo
  • Chloe Darla Shoulder Bag
  • Bottega Veneta Cervo Hobo
  • Chloe Abby Framed Shoulder
  • Tod’s G-Bag Easy Messenger
  • YSL Large Muse Bag
  • Tod’s Shade Medio
  • Jimmy Choo Largue Tulita Shoulder
  • Chloe Heloise Hobo
  • Maison Martin Margiela Medium Flap


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H4RO: Wedding Guest Edition, Part 2.

Break last week on two accounts:  1) I was moving out of my house, 2) I was waiting for the dress and the wedding to happen for pictures! (Congratulations to my dear friends Adam and James!)

With regards to item #1.  I am done packing and my things are in a truck moving back to where they need to go.  I had a total of 83 pieces (including furniture…but still 63 pieces in small boxes – think mid-size rubbermaid bins) and the packing process was much aided by a dear friend of mine who stayed up with me until 1am the night before the movers were due to show up because my move time got bumped up 8 hours (from mid-afternoon to right first thing in the morning)!  Apparently packing requires inside jokes to be formed…many of which were regarding the random kitchen gadgets I posses (eg. straws with spoons attached to them for floats).  But the true question is…Who is Monty Bojangles?

But here’s the real reason you’re reading this entry:  The outcome of the dress.  The dress was due to be done on Thursday, but I got  a call Tuesday evening to let me know that it was done early (bonus!).  I didn’t have a car starting mid-day Wednesday last week, so the fact that I could drive down quick in the morning and pick up the dress was almost the best news I got all week.  The best news that I got all week though wasn’t that the dress was done, but in fact the moment after I slipped it on to make sure that the alterations turned out.  IT’S LIKE NIGHT AND DAY!  Honestly, it looks like I just happened to have acquired the same fabric and made a different dress.  The fit is great, and the length is ideal.  The length was a pretty key alteration (aside from the removal of that god awful jacket), and the rest was icing on the cake…but wow, the fact that I actually love the dress now is pretty amazing.  I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless attire, but somehow the cut of the dress with the alterations actually makes me comfortable in this dress without my jacket.

The entire alterations process was definitely one I was mildly apprehensive about considering the amount of work that the dress required.  The fact that all I had to do was say (as I mentioned previously): “It’s just not quite right”, and then let her work her magic is very impressive.  The price of the alterations was reasonable from my perspective ($29 + tax = $30.45) for the hemming and then taking it in on the sides.  She even steamed out the jacket that I had to go with the dress, and steamed out the ribbon belt so that it didn’t have any odd creases in it.  I would most definitely recommend going here if you’re ever in London, Ontario.  Yes…you’re actually getting my temporary location – although considering I’m moving it makes little difference at this point.  Details on Stonington Accents are on their business card on the side, or you can find more information out at http://www.StoningtonAccents.ca

H4RO - Wedding AccessoriesThe last commentary on this who dress debacle will be courtesy of some commentary on accessorizing and styling the damn thing.  (Collage courtesy of Polyvore, product details with link)  If I would have kept that coat and gone with some basic black heels, the alterations still would have been lost in the atrocity.  The first switch up was the jacket – I opted for a relaxed tuxedo style jacket with three-quarter length sleeves (Wilfred, from Aritiza).  Aside from this being my go-to jacket for all evening events, it also played well with accenting the flirty length of the dress.  Jewelry came from my Tiffany’s collection:  Paloma Picasso Black Onyx Bracelet, Elsa Peretti Teardrop Earrings, and the Tiffany Signature Narrow Ring in Black Enamel.  These three pieces I wear together on a pretty regular basis, except swap out the teardrop earrings for black onyx bead studs.  The EP earrings in particular are a pair of my favourites and I often wear them on a daily basis.  Shoes were from Kate Spade, the Karolina style – which I certainly have to rant and positively RAVE about.  I can’t wear heels that often, so when I find a pair that are this tall that I can wear all night, I’m in awe!  Granted my feet were a little sore by the end of the evening, but they lasted from about 2pm until midnight…so I have to give the shoes mad props.  The pair I have are in a slightly lighter pink-ish pale gold colour, but if I would have had access to the bronze ones shown, I would have worn those.  The final addition was an oversized wristlet/clutch from Coach.  This is from their early winter collection from 2009, so I am doubtful that you can still get your hands on it…but if you do happen to see it, I highly recommend it.  It’s a similar tone to the shoes I was wearing (hence its addition), and is the right size to hold a camera, blackberry, face powder, lipstick, mascara, plus the essential money instruments (cards, cash, etc.).  Hair was done loose and curly so as to accommodate the humid conditions and to inject movement and fun, complementing the style of the dress.

I think that’s all I have to say about this particular ensemble…I went with classic neutral accessories and mixed metallics so as to keep the attention on the otherwise colourful dress.  By mixing up the accessories I managed not detract from the outfit, and to avoid looking to matched and overstyled.  Hope you enjoyed this dive into styling and fashion…there will definitely be more than a few of these H4ROs to come!

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The hunt for the right outfit: Wedding Guest Edition, Part 1.

I have a wedding to attend in a little under a week, which I am epically excited for!  Apparently I’m getting to an age (albeit still young) where my friends are slowly going to start getting married.  It’s all very fun and lovely, but does present a bit of a predicament:  what does one wear to the wedding of two fabulous friends?

Up until last Saturday had spent a phenomenal amount of time hunting through every possible store in this city to find the right outfit and dress.  Don’t get me wrong, I have perfectly acceptable and lovely dresses that I could have worn, but the problem was the following:  they were solid black.  I love my LBDs  (little black dresses), every single one of them.  I have about four supremely cute black cocktail dresses in which I truly do feel utterly fabulous in, but they didn’t seem quite right for the pending festivities.  What I needed was something with a little bit of flair, a dash of whimsy, and a lot of well dressed chic.  Needless to say they were just either slightly too fancy, or not quite fancy enough.

My search started out at the usual suspect:  Banana Republic.  While I did find a few things that I did quite like, fit and sizing sometimes tend to be a small problem for me there (ie. their clothes are small and I am not).  I could have made something work, but that really wasn’t my goal.  The search continued through every other store in the mall, plus Winners, plus some smaller boutiques around town.  I spent about three separate ventures out into town to try and find the right outfit.  You see, in shopping for a dress now I was breaking my hard and fast golden rule when it comes to dress shopping: never buy it right before the event.  At least the past four formal events I have been to the dress has been purchased solidly well in advance and just chilling in the back of my closet until necessary.  If you have the luxury or the forethought to do this, I highly recommend it.

Nonetheless, my search ended up where oddly enough it has a tendency to end up…Laura.  I normally wouldn’t set foot in the store, but what I do find is that they often have tucked away in the back a rather large selection of dresses year round.  I can almost always go in and pick one up off the rack and it be exactly what I’m looking for.  This time, however (and probably due in large part to the timing), I am venturing somewhere I have never quite been before: to the tailor.  The dress I’ve found is not exactly appealing or particularly attractive in its original untouched form (quickly look to your left, then avert your eyes from that jacket).  It’s pretty awful and comes with a coordinating collarless bolero with two inch thick shoulder pads (cue sarcasm font – don’t you love that style!). Needless to say, some alterations are required.  I offer though the following advice that I can’t stress enough: look past the hanger and the original styling, and see the potential in your clothes.  This dress has a lot of potential in its design and pattern, which means that with a little hemming and getting taken in around the bust, it will be a great spring wedding guest dress.  Oh and another word of advice: FIND A GOOD TAILOR!  It’s a piece of advice that I know we’ve all heard imparted to each of us from numerous a fashion expert, but I’m going to document trying it out with this particular fashion bit to see if it always rings true.

A good tailor is something that I hadn’t found here until recently, and will actually have to thank a dear friend of mine for recommending this particular shop.  You know you’ve found a fantastic tailor when you walk into the shop, love the taste (this one actually is also a home decor studio), and instantly feel as though you are at the altar of a master with a needle and thread.  Following this, you should be able to put on the garment in question and simply say…”Well, it’s just not quite right.”  I promise you, this was about all I said other than indicating that it was too long – which if you look to the right, is painfully obvious.  It’s also too large (the size that would have fit me was not in stock), and while I was just going to leave it slouchy the tailor advised against it and threw in a couple of pins to fix that problem.  The reason why I’m putting up this entry is to hopefully (fingers crossed), demonstrate how a little styling and a great  tailor can fix even the most extreme fashion faux pas.  As seen above and to your right.

Now these are the BEFORE photos – completely unstyled with the exception of the shoes (which are absolutely fantastic!…don’t you think so too?).  What I see in this dress is potential, sheer untapped potential.  The print is fantastic, the fabrics and the concept are there.  Now with a few nips and tucks, the removal of that god awful jacket, and the addition of a few accessories…I think we may have found a winner.

Stay tuned for part two…styling and post tailoring.

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