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Must Have Monday: Summer Scarves.

I must admit, at some point along my journey to adulthood I swapped the security blanket of my youth for a different kind of security blanket…a scarf.  Now in the autumn and winter, these are completely practical.  Even venturing into the early parts of spring they make a lot of sense.  Summer?  Not so much.  That being said, I’m not swayed much from wearing them.  The key is a change of materials, and an alteration of purpose.  No longer is the goal warmth (though they can come in handy on a cool evening), but instead just pure fashion and style.

{Polka Dot & Leopard Scarf, Zara, $40}

What’s spawned this discussion is this particular scarf from Zara.  I swear the thing is stalking me, as I’ve seen it on a phenomenal number of rather stylish individuals, or peeking out of the corner of handbags – stowed away for future use.  I’m having visions of it thrown casually around my neck while wearing a semi-sheer black button down, black tank, and rough denim shorts, hair casually thrown up in a ponytail and sporting a great coral lip.  It’s the combination of the pastel blue and coral with the black accents that I’m particularly enjoying.  That and it has just enough animal print for me to manage (considering it’s something that I’m normally adverse to).

Given that rather extensive outfit description, it’s a wonder that I haven’t added it to my wardrobe yet.  Truth be told, I just haven’t gotten around to getting into Zara.  (Disclaimer…that may all change come Tuesday when I go shopping…but let’s applaud my restraint for now.)  It’s also induced some serious browsing through other options as well, as exhibited below.

A few of my keys for excellent summer scarves is that aside from being lightweight, they also need to be colourful but not excessively bold, and preferably have a touch of cream or white in the mix in order to keep them feeling light and airy.  Those rules could, however, be completely thrown out the window if one paired a bold bright patterned silk with a little denim chambray.  (Anyone else think an All in the Details might be in order along those lines?)

{No. 45, Anthropologie, $58 / Spectacle Storyteller, Madewell, $55 / Drakes London Yellow Paisley, J.Crew, $238 / Collage Print, Tory Burch, $185 / Katrina Striped, Club Monaco, $49 / Ditsy Batick, Anthropologie, $168}

Realistically there’s probably a number of you who think I’m completely off my rocker for suggesting a scarf for the summer…but to each his or her own.  For those of you who don’t think I’m mad as a hatter, do enjoy the selection above (apologies – or not – in advance if they induce retail indulgences), and let me know in the comments if you have any favourites you’d like to share with the class.


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Footwear Friday: Aaden Mid Heel from Tory Burch.

Dear class, we’ve been through this before…I’m not a heels girl.  Despite a number of years in ballet class, all I ever got out of them was poise, grace, and turned out hips.  Which essentially means that I’m a gracefully clumsy duck.  Making me walk on an incline (as the wearing of heels does)?  More often than not it’s a sufficiently awful idea.  That being said, in the instance that I am capable of walking in heels…that’s the test to say that essentially everyone can wear them.

{Aaden Mid Heel, Tory Burch, $275}

My most recent find also ranks as one of my most comfortable: the Aaden Mid Heel from Tory Burch. These were the solution to a brief hunt for a pair of neutral (note: not nude) pumps that would suffice for both work and play, that were a reasonable height and above all else: sturdy.  Stillettos, regardless of how un-effing-real they make one’s legs look are not for the sprained ankle prone.

The particular pair of Aaden’s that I found were courtesy of an impulse trip to Holts following an annual birthday brunch with a dear friend of mine.  A dear friend who’s Tory Burch heels I’ve absconded with on a regular basis might I add.

Here’s the thing about these heels.  When in the “Sand” colour, they’re a great caramel-toned brown that really re-defines neutral.  In this colour as well, the lightness keeps the shoe from otherwise being a little heavy looking – meaning that you can style them with everything from pants to breezy floral skirts.  The gold accenting is subtle, and though the logo is done completely in gold, because it blends so nicely with the leather it doesn’t come across as flashy as the TB logo often can.  Additionally, I quite enjoy the leather strap-esque detail that holds it in place on the front.  A very sturdy and solid stacked wood heel means that walking on these is a breeze, and at 2.5″ it’s enough of a lift to give your legs a little length without making you teeter above the masses.

{A brief outfit example: Ralph Lauren Chambray Shirt, Floral Tommy Hilfiger Skirt, American Flag Free People Scarf, and a Navy Coach Clutch}

Tried and tested?  You bet.  I’ve worn these both out to dinner and a show, as well as for a full day of work (minus the commute to and fro…which one should never truly be expected to do in heels), and have never felt unsteady or as though my feet were aching for flats.

Available at Holt Renfrew in Canada (and now at Tory Burch if you’re in Toronto!), online through Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and for those of you south of the 49th at ToryBurch.com as well.  These retail for about $300…but considering they’re good with everything from black to brown and denim (and a few patterned in between for good measure), they’re worth looking into investing in.

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Footwear Friday: The Role of the Nude Flat.

Everyone always talks about the kinds of heels that every girl needs in her shoe wardrobe.  One nude, one black…et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  And somewhere in the discussion of building a good “shoe wardrobe” there’s a brief comment on: “Well make sure you have a good pair of flats!”  Now I’m not a heels girl, so I’ll just have to acknowledge the wisdom of those who have teetered before me on that front…but I am a bit of a flat aficionado.  So I’d like to take the opportunity to advocate for the inclusion of a pair of shoes that I’ve been preoccupied with as of late: the nude (preferably patent) flat.  We so commonly discuss how flats can be boring and thus one should buy them in a bright colour or interesting pattern, but what happened to having a nice neutral pair that goes with everything from dress pants to floral playsuits?  The goal of the nude flat is to be unassuming and noncompetitive in your outfit, while still looking polished and put together.

{Tory Burch Caroline Patent Ballet Flat ($233), Image from ShopBop}

The pair that originally sparked my interest were from Tory Burch, and inspired by Laura (of Buy Now, Blog Later…and formerly of lollipop26) and her discussion of how these nude flats were reminiscent of something by Chanel and how the elastic looked like a dainty ribbon from afar.  Already having these in navy blue, I can vouch for the fact that they do have a lovely dressy quality about them which is makes them excellent for work or if your style is a little more feminine and polished.

{Air Bacara ($165), Image from Cole Haan}

Another similar, yet more casual, option comes from Cole Haan.  The Air Bacara’s are truly excellent if you need your commute shoes to transition seemlessly into your daytime work shoes as they are incredibly comfortable and still have a bit of style.  The lacing at the back of the shoe means that they retain a little bit of casual edge, and I have to say they look particularly excellent with a great pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a bright bag.  They’re also incredibly comfortable, boasting the Nike Air technology and a split sole while makes for a flexible yet sturdy walk.

{London Sole Henrietta ($215) & Repetto BB Ballerine ($290), Images from London Sole and Gravity Pope}

The more classic option if you’re hunting for something in the world of a ballet flat would be from London Sole (or French Sole…I never can seem to work out what the difference is), or Repetto is a more readily accessible alternative along the same lines.

{Warnack Flat ($60), Image from Aldo.com}

And finally, in doing a little bit of research (ah the benefits of writing a blog, when you can call online window shopping research), I came across the reasonably priced and infinitely accessible Warnack Flats from Aldo.

Whichever your choice, the nude flat is nearly important as the nude heel – it’s neutral and innately allows the remainder of your outfit to sing without competition.  They’re also excellent from spring and summer where an abundance of patterns and coloured denim reign supreme.


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